Power bank, this device become more popular this day, usually smartphone owner put this
device in their shopping list long with main device.

The restless smartphone make battery run dry faster than smartphone with normal usage. Using
battery that have bigger power maybe is a solution, but it have other consequences. Battery that
have more power have bigger dimensions mean you need to change the rear cover. For some
other phone that have unremoable battery, change battery option is impossible to be done .

Today, power bank have many design and capacities. There some mistake when choosing
a powerbank
. But using powerbank still the best option than change the battery.

Recharge from powerbank to device is very simple, user only need connect device to power bank
than it will automatically recharge the phone battery.

Things that you should know about powerbank

1. Numbers at power bank
In power bank the number are indicate from total battery cell capacity. More cell means more
power that can be save and ready for backup your device.
How many time power bank can recharge the device is depend on power bank capacity. If you
have power bank with 12.000 doesn’t mean you can recharge 2000 mAH battery for 6 times.
Some electricity will lost due the conversion and recharge.

Power bank have 3.7 volt for device recharge and 5 volt for recharge it’s own battery. This is
the conversion formula

(power bank capacity x power bank voltage) : needed voltage
as an example, power bank with 8.800
(12.000 x 3.7) : 5=8.880

if we calculate the loss power at recharge is 10%, then 8.800 minus 10% and we got 7.992

so, we got a conclusion that power bank with 12.000 mAh only have 7.992 mAh capacity. Each
time the power bank recharge the device need 2.000 mAh, then with 12.000 mAh power bank
only can recharge for 4 times with assumption the last one will not got 2.000 mAh

2. Powerbank plug
Usually we saw there 2 port in power bank ,1A and 2A. This number show how much power that
will use for recharge troughs that port. A means ampere.
the power that will use for charging will determine how long it take full full recharge.
As an illustration, Samsung Galaxy III have 2.100 mAh battery then it recharge from 1A output port,
it will took around 2 hours for fill the battery.

Using 2A is not quarantine that the recharge time will cut for half. Some device have power
restriction that can use for recharge. But in support device , it will cut time to half.

3.the battery (power storage)
For power storage, power bank using battery.There is two type

  1. Li-Polymer battery
    This kind of battery usually have 2500 Mah. The old model power bank using this battery.
  2. This type have bulky body.
  3. Li-Ion battery
    Power bank that using lithium battery have slight body. Lithium battery have minimum
  4. capacity 8.000 mAh.

Be smart buyer

The power capacity If you want buy old type power bank, you should know that maximum
battery that can used for power storage is 3. If each battery have 2.500 Mah than the
maximum number that we get is 7.500 Mah.

for power bank that using lithium battery,16.000 Mah is a rational number and still make a
sense. For full charge the power bank that have 16.000 Mah need at least 12 hours.
In normal condition, it could stand for a week.

Fake power bank

Price cannot use as standard. Some power bank give expensive price and say those
device have more power than other. But after you using it, you feel that it could backup
your device that it should be. Fake power bank could not give the power that they say.
Here some fake power bank that i found over the net.

Tips for buy a power bank

  • The easiest way, ask your friend and try it.
  • the Price is unbelievable cheaper with amazing power storage usually is A fake.
  • Some fake power bank looks like the branded power bank, Just watch it carefully
  • then you’ll see the different
  • The original always come with guaranty card (for 1 year)
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