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Body-Worn Cameras Policy

Body-Worn Cameras Policy I. BACKGROUND, SCOPE AND PURPOSE A. Body-worn cameras are an effective law enforcement tool that can reduce violent confrontations and complaints against officers. Body-worn cameras provide additional documentation of police-public encounters and may be an important tool for collecting evidence and maintaining public trust. B. This policy is intended to provide officers with […]

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Power bank, this device become more popular this day, usually smartphone owner put this device in their shopping list long with main device. The restless smartphone make battery run dry faster than smartphone with normal usage. Using battery that have bigger power maybe is a solution, but it have other consequences. Battery that have more […]

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Research on Body-Worn Cameras and Law Enforcement

Research on Body-Worn Cameras and Law Enforcement In a sample of police departments surveyed in 2013, approximately 75 percent of them reported that they did not use body-worn cameras. The survey was funded by the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services and conducted by the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF).[1] PERF’s report about the survey […]

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Solar Power Bank The Trend Of Future Energy

Solar Power Bank, The Trend Of Future Energy On that occasion when solar power charger emerged, although we have no idea or cognition how it works or how it performed, however, we all are anticipated that someday we can make good use of this endless and free natural resources. As technology altered in a rocket […]

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Things that makes Powerbank Drop

Things that makes Powerbank Drop Power bank is become another thing that must have for Smartphone / tablet owner. But in daily use, we often saw people use power bank without knowing that what they do is wrong. It would be awful if your power bank can not use when it needed because the battery is […]

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7 Mistake Choosing Power Bank

7 Mistake Choosing Power Bank Today, gadget become something that people can’t leave without. and all need a power. for people that rarely in office or home, all their gadget will depend on “Power bank”. But did you know that choose wrong power bank will make your gadget in danger? What is power bank? Power bank […]

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5 thing that you should not do on the Li-Ion battery

5 thing that you should not do on the Li-Ion battery Almost all new smartphone today using Li-Ion battery as their main power. Even a noob knew how important the battery for their phone. But not every smartphone user know how to treatment the Li-Ion battery. Here`s some treatment list that you should not do… […]

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what is quick charge qc 2.0

what is quick charge 2.0 What is quick charge? From 10,000 feet, Qualcomm’s quick charge is designed to safely draw as much power as possible from the power supply, in order to charge the battery as fast as its chemical components can support it. Unlike what is often shown in movies, charging faster isn’t only a matter of providing “more power”. You have to make sure that it can be done safely, since batteries are known to explode or catch on fire under specific conditions. Also, since charging and discharging a battery is based on chemical reactions, there are no commercial applications that can miraculously charge batteries in seconds. Finally, increasing the density and voltage also comes with trade-offs concerning the longevity of the battery, so this is a delicate trade-off. Qualcomm says that Quick Charge can charge about 75% faster than conventional chargers. Our tests show that the claim is true, and to add some context, Qualcomm is about 75% faster than regular chargers with a 5V 1A electrical output, which is already much more powerful than the plain 5V 0.5A USB. Quick Charge 2.0 chargers can support 5V, 9V or 12V (volts) and up to 3A (Ampere) and 60W. Quick charge 1.0 could support 5V and 2A (10W). Many chargers on the market support 5V 1A, and standard computer USB ports output a minimum of 5V, 0.5A. There are many more variations that land somewhere in between. Support quick charge 2.0 mobile phones  Asus Transformer T100 Asus Zenfone 2 Droid Turbo by Motorola Fujitsu Arrows NX Fujitsu F-02G Fujitsu F-03G Fujitsu F-05F Google Nexus 6 HTC Butterfly 2 HTC One (M8) HTC One (M9) Kyocera Urbano L03 LeTV One Max LeTV One Pro LG G Flex 2 LG G4 New Moto X by Motorola Panasonic CM-1 Samsung Galaxy S5 (Japan) Samsung Galaxy S6 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Samsung Note 4 Samsung Note Edge Sharp Aquos Pad Sharp Aquos Zeta Sharp SH01G/02G Sony Xperia Z3 Sony Xperia Z2 (Japan) Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet (Japan) Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Sony Xperia Z4 Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Xiaomi Mi Note Pro […]

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