5 thing that you should not do on the Li-Ion battery

5 thing that you should not do on the Li-Ion battery

Almost all new smartphone today using Li-Ion battery as their main power. Even a noob knew
how important the battery for their phone. But not every smartphone user know how to treatment
the Li-Ion battery.

Here`s some treatment list that you should not do…

1. Battery Calibrate to Often

Battery Calibrate is a condition to used all the battery power until the lowest level before recharge.
There`s a phenomenon SOC mismatch In Li-Ion Battery (like NiCd battery that have Memory Effect).
This condition makes the batteries losing their ability to caliber or calculate the real charge power
that they can hold.
However, Battery Calibrate is also important to do. Especially when you feel that the system is
incorrect to meansure the battery power.

2. Overcharge

Li-Ion battery is vulnerable to heat. Overcharge will give a constant heat effect to battery. Some
people like to plug the power to their phone even the battery is full and let it for hours.

3. Leave the device at hot place

Like above, the reason is the Li-Ion battery vulnerable to heat. Heat is the largest factor when it
comes to reducing lithium-ion battery life.

4. Extand store the battery in full capacity

for extanded storage, never store the battery when it`s have full power capacity. It`s better to reduce
the power capacity before store it (). The full capacity battery means oxidation of lithium-ion is at its
highest rate, this condition will deplete the power even you don`t use it.

5. Store the Li-Ion battery in completely discharging

The power inside unused battery will reduce along with time. the Li-Ion battery have a safety circuit
build into the battery, when it`s detect that the battery power is in below determind level, then the
battery appears to be dead. You can`t recharge it again with normal charger.

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