9800mah 12v power bank for router led strip camera

the mini ups power bank is 10000mAh,output USB 5v,DC 12v , good for charing laptop, notebook, cell phone,tablet pc, router, led strip, measuring device, eletronic organ, camera, recorder, speaker…( welcome retail and wholesale order !)


Product Description

Parameter of mini ups 5 volt 12 volt power bank battery pack:

Model: PB-05
Capacity: 9800mAh
Output: 5V/1A,12V/3A
Input: 12.6V
Dimension: 34*82*125 mm
Weight: 350g
Life time: 5-year
For mobile phone: Samsung, Iphone, Huawei, Nokia, Sony,Asus,HTC,Xiaomi,LG,Haier,Meizu,Vivo,Oppo,Black berry,Motolora,Google,TCL, Lenovo,Konka and more
For laptop: Lenovo,Ipad, Dell, Acer, HP,Thinkpad,Samsung,Toshiba,NEC,Sony,Huawei and more
For other device: camera,recorder,dvr,router,tablet,laptop,LED strip,electronic organ,switch,POS,speaker, and other devices
Indicator : yes
Smart protection: yes


the portable power bank battery pack is 5v/1A good for charging cell phone, and the power bank is outputting 5V 12V good for camera,notebook,tablet,laptop,recorder,router,LED strip,speaker,electronic organ,dvd,POS machine and other devices.

it has enough capacity power and good size to work for your device, you could carry it outside with your favorite speaker,cell phone,

we hope this portable power bank battery pack would play important usage in your business or life.


1.the power bank is 5800mAh~9800mAh,it has enough power to run your device long time.
2.the power bank has output 5V/1A, it could fast charge your mobile phone 30%faster than
other power bank.

3.it has a indicator , it is clearly to see the capacity
4.the power bank also could output 12V,it could run the camera,recorder,dvr,router,tablet,laptop,LED strip,electronic organ,switch,POS,speaker, and other devices.
5.the accessories include kinds of connectors for working with different device and plug.
6.the power bank battery pack ups is small and portable,you could take it anywhere for the emergency charging requirement.
7.the power bank could be fast charged by the supplied adapter(12.6V/1.5A), it would be
full charging in 2.5 hours.
8.we design the unique power bank battery pack ups, it could support charged and discharge at the same time, it is portable Uninterruptable Power Supply
9.when the power bank battery pack is not in work, it would sleep automatically to save power.
10.it is designed with smart circuit protection,it coud protect and avoid overcharge,
overdischarge, high power, low power or short circuit. It is very safe to use anywhere.
11. we are a manufacturer specialized in power bank battery pack, we produce kinds of
power bank, we believe one of them would be suitable to you. so, please feel free to let me
What power bank you are interested.

***Package included:

1 * power bank pack
1* dc cable
8 * connecters
1 * usb cable( 8 connecters)
1 * high speed adapter

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 x 12 x 9 cm
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